Remote Contractors With Body Pain: Change Your Work Habits


Working at home can be a profitable career choice for many adults. But if you develop severe body pain during and after your shifts, improve your work habits. Poor work habits can cause fatigue in your body's muscles. Fatigue leads to poor posture and body pain. Here's what happens if you don't improve your work habits now.

How Can Poor Work Habits Affect Your Body?

If your business requires you to meet strict deadlines, you may choose to work straight through your breaks to complete your tasks on time. But without sufficient breaktimes or periods of rest, you may experience a host of health problems, including muscle waste, obesity, and body pain. Many of these problems occur from prolonged sitting, which weakens, shortens, or wastes many of your body's muscles.

In addition, prolonged sitting disrupts your posture. When you practice good posture, your head, neck, shoulders, hips, and buttocks stay properly aligned. The proper alignment also keeps your abdominal muscles and lower back strong. If you sit for long periods of time, your body tires and gradually moves out of alignment. Misalignment can cause pain and other changes in your body.

For instance, people who spend at least five or more hours on their computer or another digital device tend to lean forward or hunch their shoulders after awhile. The actions eventually causes your shoulders to round and spine to curve. Some individuals develop a hump in their necks and upper back from prolonged hunching.

The pain you feel now may only become worse with treatment.

How Do You Avoid Body Pain?

To avoid, reduce, or stop your pain, schedule frequent breaks throughout your work days or nights. If you find that you can't remember to take breaks or follow your schedule properly, install a task app on your computer. The task app allows you to set your breaks in different increments of time. For instance, you can set the app to beep or go off every 30-45 minutes. Take the time to rise from your work station to stretch or perform another beneficial task.

Pay close attention to your body. If you find yourself leaning too closely to your computer monitor or shoulders hunched, take a break. Over time, you may be able to correct your poor posture and prevent health problems.

Also, eat your meals in the kitchen instead of at your desk. Although it may come in handy to keep snacks and beverages at your desk, it may be healthier for you to keep your items in the kitchen. Even small amounts of exercise can help reduce your weight and strengthen your muscles.

If your body pain continues after trying the changes above, contact a physical therapist, such as at South Shore Wellness Center, for further assistance.


6 April 2017

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