Fun Ways To Assess Your Seated Posture At Work


The manner in which you sit during the workday plays a pivotal role in the health of your back. Those who sit with good posture are less likely to suffer from back pain that requires medical care, while the opposite is also true. If you visit the chiropractor with a sore back, the topic of how much you sit during the day and how you actually sit will almost certainly come up. It's valuable to try to assess your posture throughout the day, but it can be easy to cheat a little. For example, you think about your posture, instinctively improve it, and then tell yourself that it's good. Here are some fun ways to assess your posture.

Set Your Timer Randomly

Load the Timer app on your smartphone and set it to a random number — for example, 46 minutes and 18 seconds, but try not to pay attention to the number that you set. Set the smartphone aside and, when the alarm goes off, freeze. Before you move, assess your posture. Is your back upright? Are both feet flat on the floor? Is your head above your shoulders instead of lunging forward? Make the necessary corrections and set the timer again. This approach is a fun way to encourage yourself to sit properly, as you'll never know when the timer will go off and you'll be forced to make an honest assessment of yourself.

React When The Phone Rings

You can also take your cue to assess yourself when your phone rings. Whether the phone rings several times per hour or only a handful of times throughout the day, it happens unexpectedly and can prompt you to check in with your posture. Don't feel pressure to answer on the first ring. Instead, take a brief moment to scan your body from head to toe, and then answer the phone. While you're on the call, you can make the necessary postural corrections.

Ask Your Colleagues

If you have a close relationship with many of your colleagues, it can be fun to involve them in your self-assessment. Ask three or four colleagues to comment on your posture each time they step into your office or cubicle. For example, someone could say that you're nicely seated upright, or someone might tell you that you're slouching forward as you stare at your screen. Over time, these reminders should hopefully encourage you to adopt a better posture. If you're struggling with your posture and dealing with associated back pain, make a chiropractic appointment.

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12 October 2017

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