Signs That You May Have A Dislocated Rib


People seldom think about the injuries that their ribs can sustain beyond perhaps getting broken playing a sport, during a fall, or in a car accident. The reality, however, is that ribs can also get dislocated, which can leave you in considerable discomfort. Fortunately, you don't have to endure this pain for long. In addition to being a back care expert, your local chiropractor can also address issues such as dislocated ribs. Whether the rib is still out of position and your chiropractor needs to ease it back where it should be, or the rib has gone back into place but is misaligned, your chiropractor will assess the affected area and perform whatever adjustments are needed. Not sure if you have a dislocated rib? Here are some signs that you may be experiencing.

Pain While Breathing

Discomfort while you breathe is a symptom of not only a broken rib, but also a rib that has been dislocated. While you might be able to take a series of shallow breaths without pain, a dislocated rib can cause you to experience sharp pain when you breathe deeply. Take a deep breath in and notice any pain that you feel — often, you'll feel a sharp pain toward the end of the breath and it may even take your breath away. You may also find that you feel slightly out of breath, especially when you're doing something physical, because you're involuntarily shallow breathing to avoid pain.

Difficulty Moving Your Arms

An unexpected sign that you might have a dislocated rib is that you may experience discomfort when you lift and otherwise move your arms. Even though your shoulder might be several inches from the injured area, the movement of your muscles can make the already tender and inflamed around your rib sore. You may notice that things such as eating a meal are difficult because of how you reach forward to scoop food onto your utensils.

Challenges With Getting Up And Down

Although you might be able to walk with a relatively low degree of pain when you have a dislocated rib, getting up and down can often be a painful ordeal. Lowering yourself into bed or down to the couch, for example, can generate intense pain that can often make you abort the movement partway through it. Conversely, when you're lying or sitting down, it can be a considerable effort to stand up — often, you'll need someone to push your body from behind. If you're struggling with these issues, make sure to see your local chiropractor promptly.


18 November 2017

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