Consider Seeing A Chiropractor For These Three Common Issues


If you associate chiropractors with the care and treatment of back and neck pain, you're not incorrect. However, these healthcare practitioners' duties go far beyond spinal and cervical adjustments. Read on to learn more about how chiropractic treatment can ease the pain associated with three chronic (and common) conditions.  

Headaches and Migraines

Although the brain itself has no nerves (and therefore can't feel pain), most adults struggle with headaches at least occasionally. These can be brought on by anything from stress, caffeine, sleep deprivation, MSG consumption, dehydration, illness, or even bright lights. For some, these headaches come on more than just occasionally and can even morph into debilitating and painful migraines.

Often, especially when headaches can't be clearly traced to any one cause (like lack of sleep the night before or an MSG-laden lunch), chiropractic treatment can provide near-instant pain relief. Many headaches are exacerbated by poor posture or neck strain, especially for those who spend most of their days in front of a computer screen. By performing minor lumbar adjustments and breaking up any scar tissue that's compressing the nerves that travel from the spinal cord to the brain, a chiropractor can improve your range of neck motion and diminish your headache symptoms.   

Knee Pain

Just as headaches can sometimes be caused by poor posture, knee pain can be caused by inadequate foot support or poor posture. Each time you take a step, nearly your entire body weight comes to rest on your knee; if your posture causes this weight to be unevenly distributed, your knees can take the brunt of this pressure. A chiropractor can work with you on your posture to ensure that you're not placing undue strain on your knees by the way you stand, walk, or run. After a few sessions, you may notice that you're carrying yourself a bit taller and your knees aren't as sore or stiff as usual.

Digestive Distress

From constipation to gas and bloating to diarrhea, digestive issues can wreak havoc on anyone's health. If you've tried to cut out the foods that seem to disagree with you and are still sidelined with digestive issues a few times a week, give chiropractic treatment a try. The digestive system is largely powered by thousands of tiny nerves, all of which connect to the spinal cord (and brain) through the vertebrae in the lower back. By performing periodic lumbar adjustments, a chiropractor can work on releasing any constricted or pinched digestive nerves, improving the way your digestive system functions as a whole.


5 April 2019

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