Exploring The Different Types Of Massage Therapy


Massage therapy was primarily meant for luxurious clubs and high-end spas. But that has now changed. It's not uncommon to find massage parlors at your local airport, business premises, hospitals, and clinics. 

If it's your first time having a massage, you probably already know about the health benefits that it brings to the table. However, there exist different types of massages, each tailored to meet a specific need. It might be pretty confusing to decide on the one you'd like if you're new to this. This article aims to shed some light on the different types of massages and how they differ. 

Hot Stone Massage Therapy 

This type of massage makes use of basalt rocks, which are heated up to bring you relaxation. The stone is perfect for this job since it's volcanic. Volcanic rocks contain large amounts of iron which makes them ideal for heat retention

Your massage therapist will first preheat these rocks, usually by dipping them in hot water. They'll then place them on strategic points on your body. This form of massage therapy is often coupled with another for the best results. 

The heat from the rocks is evenly distributed across the point of muscle injury. The idea is to encourage more blood flow into the injured muscle. Ultimately, you experience less discomfort and stiffness in these muscles. 

Swedish Massage Therapy 

This relaxation technique is the one that most people are familiar with when it comes to massage. The main aim of the massage is to reduce muscular tension. To do this, your massage therapist employs a series of slow and gentle hand movements to relieve the tense muscles. They might even add a few tricks, such as performing circular motions on your body, targeting the surface muscles. 

A Swedish massage is an excellent way to eliminate superficial muscular tension. If it's your first time enrolling for a massage session, this might do the trick for you. Additionally, it could be a great way to ease up the moderately tense muscles in your shoulders and back.     

Deep Tissue Therapy 

This massage technique is a close variant of the Swedish massage. The only difference is that your therapist will use more pressure on you for a deep tissue massage. The people who can benefit significantly from deep tissue therapy have tremendous pain in their muscles. This could be as a result of an injury from playing sports or a long-term muscular strain. Deep tissue massage therapy is a whole-body exercise that strives to leave you feeling relaxed and free of any muscular soreness.   

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3 May 2021

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