Getting Chiropractic Care After A Car Accident


Car accidents can be mentally traumatic and can leave you with several injuries that require healing. The physical trauma of a car wreck can be compounded over the next few years if you don't get the medical care and physical therapy that you need. Chiropractic care is one of the best therapies to take advantage of following a wreck. Keep reading to learn more about getting help from a car accident chiropractor that can assist you. 

Ask your physician for an appointment to let you know what pain and injuries you have

Before visiting the chiropractor, you need to get a physical checkup from a doctor. They will let you know the source of your injuries, how severe they are, and whether chiropractic care will be a helpful course of treatment.

Many people deal with back pain or neck pain after a car accident. Spinal cord injuries are commonplace following car wrecks. In the United States, 17,500 people suffer spinal cord injuries annually. Chiropractic care can improve blood flow to get rid of swelling in your back or neck, or to ease the pressure of nerve damage with a spinal cord injury.

Work with a chiropractor that specializes in car accidents

Chiropractic professionals are helpful when you want total-body healing. It's a form of therapy that helps you realign your spine, improve your range of motion, and decrease the swelling that you feel in your body. Find chiropractors that specifically help people with car accident injuries. This way, they'll be able to put you on a guided program that will heal your body and get you feeling like your old self again. Chiropractic appointments will usually cost $34-$106 or more. 

Follow a regimen for recovery and give your body the tools it needs

Stick to a schedule and do your best never to miss appointments once you've found a chiropractor that can treat you. Ask your chiropractor about the exercises that you can do on your own time to help with your healing. 

Wait at least 72 hours after the accident before stretching. Once your doctor and chiropractor give you the green light, take the time to stretch regularly to start your day and before going to bed. Invest in some ice packs and heating pads that you can also put directly on the source of your pain. 

Consider the points above and reach out to a chiropractor who can assist you. Contact a car accident chiropractor near you to learn more.


16 November 2021

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