Massage Therapy Assumptions To Avoid


Getting a professional massage can be a relaxing experience, but individuals should avoid believing some of the more common assumptions about massage sessions as these incorrect beliefs may cause a person to undervalue the benefits that a professional massage will be able to offer them.

Assumption: You Will Always Have To Fully Undress Before Your Massage Appointment

Some individuals may avoid getting a massage due to the belief that they will have to fully undress for their appointment. This is typically not required, but a person should wear loose-fitting clothing to their massage appointment. Additionally, gowns may be provided to those that need them for this appointment. By wearing loose-fitting clothing or a massage gown, it can be possible for the masseuse to more easily reach all of the areas where the patient is needing to be massaged. Furthermore, this may allow them to use rubs and oils that will reduce the friction that occurs during the massage.

Assumption: There Are No Practical Benefits Of Getting A Massage

Getting a massage is often associated with relaxation, but this should not lead you to assume that there are no practical benefits to getting a massage. In fact, there are several important benefits that this type of treatment may be able to provide a person. For example, some individuals may suffer from muscle discomfort due to tension and stress. It is a normal response for a person's muscles to tighten when they are stressed, and this could lead to fairly intense discomfort. A massage will be able to release this tension so that individuals may feel more comfortable. In addition to physical benefits, the massage may also be able to assist with emotional stress by allowing a person to unwind. This can significantly reduce the stress response that they may be having. For those undergoing chiropractic adjustments, massage treatments can help to keep their muscles loose, which may help the chiropractor to make the necessary adjustments.

Assumption: A Massage Sessions Will Always Be Somewhat Long

In general, massage sessions are relatively short as the majority of these treatments will take an hour or less for the masseuse to complete. This can be useful for scheduling a massage when you have a limited schedule. For individuals that are wanting to make a massage session a routine part of their schedule, these shorter sessions can allow them to limit the disruptions that longer sessions would cause while still providing the full range of benefits that come from regular massage treatments and therapy.

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19 October 2022

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