Back Pain Relief Without Undergoing Surgery


Do you feel like an addict because you are always taking pain medication for your back? If you are ready to stop having to deal with so much back pain, there are several ways to reduce or completely get rid of it. You must first understand that something serious could be wrong with your back, so make an appointment with a specialist to get it checked out before anything else. You might need to undergo spinal surgery if any of the joints are broken.

16 March 2017

Back-Friendly Adjustments That You Can Make To Your Home Office


Having a sore back can make each minute of your day, including when you're trying to sleep, painful. Sitting, standing, walking, and even lying down can all be physically difficult when your back is sore. If you work from home, you can't afford to let a back ailment keep you from working; a corporate employee may be able to take medical leave for back pain, whereas this might not be applicable when you work for yourself.

7 March 2017

Personalized Nutrition Plan For Those Struggling With IBS: 3 Types Of Foods To Avoid


Unfortunately, not everyone can eat whatever they please without suffering from indigestion afterwards. Digestive disorders are becoming more and more prevalent in America and affect anywhere from 25 to 45 million people. Fortunately, a change of diet may be all that's needed for digestive relief. If you suffer from a digestive disorder, spending some time to come up with a personalized nutrition plan that caters to your gut is vital to avoiding indigestion, abdominal pain, bloating, excessive gas, and nausea.

17 January 2017

How A Chiropractor Can Make You Feel Better


If you have thought about going to a chiropractor, but you were unsure as to how you could really be helped from his or her services, you will want to pay attention. After considering the following ways in which a skilled chiropractor can help you, you will be ready to call and make an appointment today. Reduction In Painful Headaches Many people will receive the occasional headache and it is usually not enough to stop them from carrying on with their day-to-day routine.

4 January 2017

What Parents Should Know About Sports Injuries In Teenage Athletes


Sports can be a great outlet for kids and teens. Playing sports allows them to use their energy in a healthy way, get exercise, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and practice important values, like being a team player and working hard to achieve a goal. Sports can also encourage teens who struggle academically to apply themselves and keep their grades up so they can continue to participate – and good grades and athletic ability can translate into more college opportunities later.

22 July 2016

4 Tips For Parkour Traceurs Seeking Chiropractic Care


Whether you are new to parkour or have been practicing for several years, you will most likely experience a time when you will benefit from chiropractic care. Parkour is a high-impact exercise and it can put undue stress on your joints. During your time practicing parkour, you may experience compression of the spine, misalignment of joints, and stretched or slipped joints. A chiropractor can help you with all of these ailments.

20 July 2016

Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Manipulation


A chiropractor can provide you with relief from your pain by manipulating your body. This is typically done on the back but can be done on shoulders, arms and legs as well. When the body is manipulated or adjusted, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are released, helping to relieve pressure on the joint. This accounts for both the pop some people hear, and the immediate pain relief that can be experienced.

18 July 2016